Building inspection to maintain your property in Brisbane

Why use a Building inspector to help you maintain your property?

So you go to the dentist once or twice a year to get the pearly whites checked and you have the car serviced regularly too. But the house… “Nah. It can wait, sure it’s my biggest asset but I know what I’m doing”. Wake up people, over the years your property is deteriorating and it needs to be maintained. Sticking your head in the sand does not keep your property in peak condition. If you have a house, unit, townhouse, or commercial property, a periodic professional building inspection is a good way to keep informed about maintenance needed on the property.

Often a homeowner have a few building issues that they are not sure about. They have received quotes to rectify the problems, but the tradespeople recommended different solutions with widely varying costs. This has left them confused about what to do next. They appreciate getting independent expert advice so they can confidently make the necessary investment with the appropriate scope of work to properly address the issues. I usually find other issues they were unaware of that also need attention.

At BuildingPro we often do maintenance inspections for people that are thinking about putting their house on the market in the near future.  They want to know about any issues that may come up on a pre-purchase Building and Pest inspection so that they have an opportunity to rectify these issues before they put the house on the market.  Sometimes the issues found are beyond their budget to repair before they sell, in this situation I advise its best to get a quotation for the repair from a licensed Builder or appropriate tradesperson and provide this to a potential buyer if the issue arises.  Usually the quote to carry out the maintenance is far less that what the buyer was anticipating.

A Building inspection provides impartial advice that gets you going in the right direction.  

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