Don’t Assume Your New Build is Free of Defects; Call BuildingPro for Commercial Building Handovers in Brisbane

Buying a new build means you don’t need to worry about building issues, right? After all, how could a brand-new structure have any of the issues that commonly plague older buildings? From structural problems to issues with heat transfer, all the way to termite concerns, all the problems we typically watch out for when buying an older property are not necessarily areas of concern when you purchase a new build.

Or are they?

While it is less likely that a new build will have any of the building issues that plague older homes or commercial buildings, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any defects. At BuildingPro, we offer commercial building handovers in Brisbane, to help buyers of new commercial properties make sure everything is sound before they finalise a deal. If there are significant building issues, this kind of inspection can save you a lot of money and hassle over time. If there aren’t any issues, a handover inspection is a source of great peace of mind and assurance. Either way, it’s a worthwhile step in the buying process.

Why Commercial Building Handovers Are Necessary

Many property buyers think of building issues as problems that arise in over time. An older property might have an issue with electrical components just because the wiring is old and possibly out of code. Other building components—from roofing to siding and beyond can break down over time due to Australia’s tough elements. This factor among others explain why older buildings typically have more problems that need to be fixed or addressed at the time of purchase.

But new buildings don’t appear out of thin air. Their construction is by human hands, which means they also exhibit the signs of human error. Also, from our 30+ years of experience we have seen that some building teams will take shortcuts or use cheap and substandard materials to save money. As a result, even a brand-new build might exhibit substantial defects. From compliance issues to problems with the build itself, it’s important to know about these problems before you close a deal. That way, you can make sure your builders live up to their side of the bargain and deliver the product you wanted before the defects and oversights officially become your problem if it falls outside the builder warranty. It is important to note that the builder warranty is limited to cover only certain defects and only for a certain time frame.

Therein lies the importance of doing a commercial building handover. Handover inspections—whether you are buying a house or a commercial property—are your last chance to ensure the building meets the code and requirements up to the acceptable industry standard. In the final stages of the build process, you are typically in a ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ situation. If you don’t take the time to make sure that the project is up to the specifications you asked for, you will have to deal with any imperfections or problems with the property.

At BuildingPro, we can do your commercial building handover in Brisbane. We will go through your building room by room and feature by feature, looking for defects that the construction team can and should fix. Once we complete our work, you will have a detailed checklist that you can give to your builders, highlighting the final fixes required before settlement.

Call BuildingPro Today

If you’re building your own commercial property, you want quality. Whether you plan on renting out the space to other businesses or using it for your own venture, you don’t want building defects causing big problems down the road. With BuildingPro and our commercial building handovers in Brisbane, you can solve such issues right now, guaranteeing a better buying, ownership and building management experience. Call us on (07) 3311 2273.

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