Feature: Subsidence

Subsidence is common in Brisbane houses typically caused by inadequate footing design, poor construction practice, trees, leaking pipes and reactive soils.
Subsidence of a building can cause many defects that in turn create many other defects as a flow-on result. Your Building Inspector should report on these issues:
1. Cracks can cause shower membranes to leak, which in turn causes decay inside the wall adjoining the shower. The moist decaying timber attracts termites that can access the building through the cracks. Termites then eat the decaying timber framing. Replacing a shower with a failed membrane will cost $5,000 or more.
2. Subsidence can cause floors to be out of level. Cracks in the slab can result in drummy and cracked floor tiles. Replacement of cracked tiles can be difficult, as the tiles cannot be easily matched to the original tiles. You may find yourself having to replace the entire tiled area.
3. Door and window frames can distort, resulting in them needing adjustment. With more advanced movement, the doors do not open and close at all. This creates a security issue if the doors and windows face the exterior of the building.
4. Cracks to walls and ceilings allow entry of vermin and water. They are also unsightly and can reduce the property value.

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