Invasive Inspection

If you have found termites or termite damage or we find them during a Pest Inspection, we may recommend an additional Invasive Inspection. This is often required when there’s a significant risk of live termites or damage being present concealed in an inaccessible area such as a subfloor, wall, roof void, wall on a boundary, inside a tree stump, under carpet or behind a pile of stored goods.

The Invasive Inspection typically involves moving items and cutting holes into areas to gain access, check for termites and determine the extent of damage. This will give more certainty for estimating costs of any treatment and repair work.

If you’re in the process of purchasing a property and we recommend an Invasive Inspection, you will need to obtain the written permission from the seller for the inspector to cut holes or move stored items etc.

BuildingPro does not offer “Invasive inspection services” we recommend you contact Brad Davies at Conquest Pest phone 0403245599 to discuss your requirements for the Greater Brisbane Area.

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