New Unit Inspections for Brisbane Flat Buildings

As a seasoned property manager for multi-unit flats, you know the headaches that come with poor building construction and upkeep. There are many good reasons why you would choose brand new unit buildings over older style flats. Faulty or outdated wiring in old units presents fire danger, and old plumbing can cause a cornucopia of catastrophe. Just thinking about bathtubs falling through ceilings sends a cringe up your spine. Your company is looking to acquire a new building because it does not want to inherit a mess. New unit inspections in Brisbane are best performed by professional inspectors from BuildingPro. With over 25 years’ experience doing commercial, industrial and residential building inspecting, BuildingPro provides a friendly honest service using the latest in building inspection technology.

The BuildingPro team performs thorough new unit inspections throughout Brisbane. They come in after construction is completed and ensure that every component of the structure is up to code. Book online, and a BuildingPro inspector will come out, perform the new unit inspection for your Brisbane property, then provide a report to your inbox certifying that there are no problems. If they do find a building defect, the inspector will let you know and at your request the report can be sent to the builder outlining required repairs. Decide if you want to proceed with the acquisition or not. BuildingPro knows you are busy, so they are more than willing to help. Upon your request, BuildingPro will facilitate the rectification process and then come back in to reassess the building. With BuildingPro, they make the decision to buy easier with their service of new unit inspections for Brisbane homes and commercial premises.

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