Annual Pest Inspection

The Annual Pest Inspection service is your best defence against costly termite damage.

Our experienced pest inspector will visit the property and check for subterranean termites, borers and fungal decay in accordance with AS4349.3.

We will then re-inspect the property on an annual basis thereafter.

The Inspector will conduct a thorough visual inspection of all reasonably accessible areas and provide you with a report on:

  • Presence of active subterranean and dampwood termites, fungal decay and borers of seasoned timber
  • Presence of timber pest damage (subterranean or dampwood termites, fungal decay and borers of seasoned timber)
  • Evidence of past termite treatment
  • Conditions conducive to pest attack
  • Recommendations regarding treatment
  • Recommendations regarding mitigation of conditions conducive to pest attack

The report will be sent to both you and your Property Manager so that any treatment or repairs can be arranged promptly.

Book an Inspection

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