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Residential Handover InspectionResidential Home Builders

When buying a brand new property everything should be perfect right? At BuildingPro, we have inspected many thousands of brand new properties and most have had defects that required rectification by the builder prior to the owner or tenant residing in them.

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Handover Inspection Property Investor GroupsProperty Investor Groups

We are trusted by a number of Property Investor Groups to provide Handover Inspection reports for new houses, units, apartments, townhouses, duplexes and unit blocks. We provide customised administration procedures to ensure service delivery is smooth and all parties are kept in the loop from practical completion to settlement.

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Handover Inspections Builders & Property DevelopersBuilders & Property Developers

Time is money. Getting the job finished on time and to an acceptable standard is an important factor in the financial success of any development project. We have assisted many builders and property developers struggling to prepare their defect list with limited staff. We assist by bringing in our professional team to provide detailed reports that set a fair and acceptable standard of workmanship.

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