Invest in Quality Buildings, with the Help of a Building Inspector and Detailed Building Inspection Reports in Brisbane or West End

Your business is growing and has reached the point where you can no longer contain it at your current premises. You are looking for new office space or retail space and have been eyeing a building in the Brisbane or West End area for a potential purchase. The …read more.

What Is a Building Handover? (And Who to Trust for New Building Inspections in North Lakes)

If you have collaborated with a construction company to build a new home or business headquarters, then a term you will often hear as the project nears completion is ‘building handover.’ However, what is a building handover, and what should you expect from …read more.

Thorough New Building and House Inspection Reports from a Professional Inspector in Pimpama

Buying your first home is a big deal. It’s probably the largest sum of money you’ve ever spent in your whole life, and everybody would agree it represents a significant milestone. You may have been saving for years for a deposit to buy a new house in Pimpama, …read more.

We Can Provide You with a Professional House Inspector in North Lakes, Ripley and Brisbane

Home inspections are there to provide property hunters with the peace of mind that the home they are considering buying is worth its money. At the end of the day, homes are usually the most expensive asset in a person’s possession, and whether you’re looking at …read more.

Need Commercial or Industrial Building Inspections in Brisbane? Find Your Inspector Here:

Investing in property is a big deal, no matter how you look at it. It costs a lot of money, and in many cases, it’s an investment that you’ll be counting on for years, if not decades. Because of this, it’s absolutely critical that you know everything there …read more.

Looking for Handover, Pre-Settlement or Pre Purchase House Inspections in Pimpama?

If you’re serious about buying a home, you want to make sure that you have all your bases covered before you put down real money. There’s nothing scarier than investing heavily in a place you don’t have enough information about, and too many homeowners spend money …read more.

Handover, Pre-settlement and Pre Purchase Inspections in North Lakes Now Available Through This Company

If you’re investing in a new property, you’re going to be dealing with certain risks. Risks are pretty much inevitable when it comes to buying a home, but that’s no excuse for you not to do everything in your power to minimise them. The bottom line is this: you …read more.

Need to Get Building and Pest Inspections in Brisbane or West End? Call This Company for an Inspector:

You want to make sure that your new building is fit to live in before you take residence. For that matter, if you’re buying instead of renting, then you want to make sure it’s fit to live in before you even get the deeds to the property. That means making sure that …read more.

Buy Your New Home with Confidence: Call BuildingPro for Pre-Purchase, Pre-Settlement House Inspections in Brisbane or Ripley

As of 2015, the median house price in Australia was around $660,000. Obviously, that median price is skewed somewhat by the prices of homes in the most expensive areas of the country. The median home price in the Brisbane area is a good deal lower, sitting …read more.

Get Building and Pest Inspections in One Commercial Pre-Purchase Inspection: Call BuildingPro Consultants for an Inspection in Brisbane or West End Today

If you are considering a commercial building purchase in the Brisbane area, then you will want to conduct both building and pest inspections before you finalise the purchase agreement. A building inspection will help you identify building defects that you …read more.

No-Doubt Handover Inspections for Brisbane Business

You’re finally turning those dreams into reality and opening your own business. It’s been quite the experience. You’ve figured out licensing, secured financial channels, and even established production of your inventory. Your first shipment should arrive …read more.

Secure your Handovers in Brisbane

Pre-settlement (handover) inspections are a good idea in today’s market. Increasingly, inspections for building handovers in Brisbane streamline the handover of the property. BuildingPro offers inspections for handovers to Brisbane homes and …read more.

Handover Inspection Checklist for Brisbane Property Sales

Do you know everything that should be checked before your property gets handed over from the builder to you? A handover inspection checklist by Brisbane’s BuildingPro is a handy tool when preparing for your pre-settlement inspection. Click here to use …read more.

Pre-Purchase Checklist Helps Brisbane Business Owner

You’re a creative type. You started a kid’s art studio out of your home a few years ago. It’s become more popular than you had ever envisioned, so you’ve decided to invest in the old free-standing art studio that’s gone up for sale near your home …read more.

Partner with BuildingPro for New Build Handover Inspections

You are the project manager for a construction company that is currently working multiple sites around Brisbane. Some are commercial, some domestic. Your construction company would benefit from a new build handover inspection specialist …read more.

New Build Inspection for Brisbane Buyers

Isn’t it amazing how quickly a building can be completed these days? It seems just yesterday that the lot across town which sat vacant for years was finally bought. Now the building is finished and up for sale. It looks like they did a good job and …read more.

Assess Construction Work with a New Unit Inspector

You finally got a call from the construction company. After more than a month of delay, your flats are ready at long last. You are eager to get them on the market. The construction company has offered to inspect and sign off on building codes, but …read more.

New Unit Inspections for Brisbane Flat Buildings

As a seasoned property manager for multi-unit flats, you know the headaches that come with poor building construction and upkeep. There are many good reasons why you would choose brand new unit buildings over older style flats. Faulty or outdated …read more.

Why Pre Settlement Inspections in Brisbane are Necessary

Are you looking for someone to do a pre-settlement inspection in Brisbane on a property you have recently had built? Maybe you’re not sure if you want to have one done and you might wonder why this is a good idea. There are distinct advantages to …read more.

A Pre Handover Inspection Saves Time

A pre-handover inspection for a newly built property is necessary to ensure peace of mind that the building has been built to industry standards. BuildingPro differs from other inspection companies because their inspectors are very experienced and …read more.

When You Need a Practical Completion Inspection

A practical completion inspection is an exciting time for someone getting ready to move into their new home. Seeing your newly built home finished and ready for occupancy is exhilarating, but don’t let the excitement cloud your judgement. Have …read more.

BuildingPro – The best Building inspector in Brisbane

If you’re looking for the best a building inspector in Brisbane who is a trusted professional with plenty of experience, look no further. BuildingPro is an award-winning company that has been in operation for 15 years with the expertise and track …read more.

Find an Unbiased Commercial Property Inspector

Are you looking for a commercial property inspector you can trust? The best commercial property inspector in Brisbane? Someone who is objective and will complete a thorough, unbiased building inspection? Do you want someone with an …read more.

Commercial Property Inspection — Rely on Gold Coast Professionals

If you’re looking to invest in a commercial building on the Gold Coast, BuildingPro provides a wide range of commercial inspection services to ensure you are fully informed about the property …read more.

Commercial Property Inspection on the Sunshine Coast

If you are looking for a commercial property inspection on the Sunshine Coast, you will want to choose an experienced commercial inspector dedicated to providing fast, efficient, professional service while looking out for your commercial property …read more.

Contact BuildingPro for Commercial Property Inspection in Ipswich

Are you a commercial property purchaser needing a pre-purchase commercial property inspection in Ipswich? Are you searching for a commercial building expert who can provide multiple types of inspections for your commercial property so you’re dealing …read more.

Don’t Assume Your New Build is Free of Defects; Call BuildingPro for Commercial Building Handovers in Brisbane

Buying a new build means you don’t need to worry about building issues, right? After all, how could a brand-new structure have any of the issues that commonly plague older buildings? From structural problems to issues with heat transfer, all the way …read more.

Buy Commercial Real Estate with Confidence: Trust BuildingPro for Your Commercial Building Inspections in Brisbane

If you are considering the purchase of a commercial property—either as a real estate investment or as the new place for your business—you need to be sure that the property is worth buying. Sometimes, a piece of real estate can look perfectly fine …read more.

More Than Just a Commercial Handover: Brisbane’s BuildingPro Handles Communications with Your Building Team

You are in the process of building a brand new commercial building—either as an investment property or as the new location for your business. You invested in a design that matches your needs and preferred specifications and hired a building …read more.

Commercial Property Investors: Invest More Wisely with Commercial Handover Inspections in Brisbane

A good commercial property investor never works alone. Your intuition might be reliable most of the time, but without the advice and assistance of consultants and colleagues, you could end up missing deal-breaking details. Getting a look at …read more.

Do You Need an Inspection for Your Commercial Property? Arrange for Commercial Inspections in Brisbane

If you are preparing to invest in a new building, you need to make sure it will live up to your expectations. Moving your business to a new location can certainly be exciting, but it also carries a certain degree of risk. To make sure that you are …read more.

Are You Requiring a Commercial Property Handover? Prepare for Commercial Handovers in Brisbane with This Service

Your business has just decided to purchase a new property, and you are excited to take possession of it so that you can begin the next phase of your operation. As part of your due diligence, you should make sure that there are no hidden problems …read more.

Why Arrange for a Commercial Property Inspection? Learn More About Inspections in Brisbane

When people decide to purchase a new building of any kind, they often base their decisions on obvious external features. A building’s facade, decor, or even location can all be compelling enough reasons to persuade a potential buyer to invest, but …read more.

Do You Need a Handover Inspection? Learn More About Handover Inspections in Brisbane

Buying new property for any reason can be an incredibly exciting process. However, it can also be a risky one. When you take ownership of property, you also take ownership of any issues that may affect it. It is not uncommon for owners to …read more.

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