Handover Inspection Checklist

    Pro tips

    1. Use a bright torch to highlight defects in poorly lit areas
    2. Use a roll of good quality coloured masking tape and tear off a piece and stick it next to (not over) the defect. This way the tradespeople can find the defects. Very helpful for paint, cleaning and plaster defects
    3. If in doubt, put it on the list anyway, the Builder will tell you if they object (or may not fix the item if unreasonable).
    4. Have a professional Handover inspections done by a licensed and insured Building Inspector or Architect from BuildingPro
    5. Give a copy of the completed checklist to the Builder via email (so you retain a copy) and request that they promptly rectify the items noted
    6. Reinspect the property to ensure Builder has rectified defects and completed the job or have this done by a licensed and insured Building Inspector or Architect from BuildingPro

    Paint defectsCleaning incomplete in areasConcrete paths not installed/cracks wider than 1.5mmLetter box not installed/damagedNo street number installed/damagedClothes line not installed/damagedDriveway not installed/no control joints/cracks more than 1.5mm wide/DirtyFootpath is damaged in sectionsUtility pit lid is brokenKerb is damaged in sectionsTermite Management system notice missing from the meter boxRetaining wall timbers are not H3 treatedOther items

    Sections of fascia have damageSections of gutter have damageSome downpipes have damageSome metal roof sheets have dents or scratchesSome roof tiles are chipped or crackedRoof tile bedding and pointing has damageFlashings are inadequateOther items

    Brickwork chipped in areasBrickwork has mortar missing in sectionsBrickwork not adequately cleanedBrickwork mortar joints not consistentLoose brick/s at top of wall/sWeepholes not cleaned out/insufficientExpansion joints missing/insufficient/have no sealantVentilation inadequateRender finish is inconsistentCracks to joins in wall claddingNail heads not flush with surface of claddingDamproof course projects excessivelyOther items

    Windows not cleanedWindows chipped/crackedFrames damagedGaps around windows are excessiveFlashings protruding excessivelyHead flashings missingOther items

    Door hardware missingDoor is not a solid core doorDoor wrong typeGaps around doors are excessiveDoor lock not installedWeather seal not installedHead flashings missingOther items

    Plants not installed/dying/wrong typeTurf not installed/dying/not rolledGravel not installed/layer too thinLetter box not installed/damaged/wrong typeGarden edging damaged in sectionsWeeds not removedOther items

    Palings warped in sectionsGate missingGate latch missingGate does not latchCracks to masonry fenceMetal fence damaged in sectionsOther items

    Insufficient surface drainage pitsExternal finished paving level is too highWeepholes are partly blockedGround does not slope away from the buildingSurface drainage pits are blocked with debrisOther items

    Deck boards split at endsKnot holes in timber deck boardsDeck boards not sanded and coatedCracked floor tilesMissing or cracked tile groutInsufficient fall to the balcony floorInsufficient set down to the balcony floorExposed deck timbers are not H3 treatedOther items

    Garage door does not operate smoothlyBroken components on the garage doorGarage door dentedFloor has cracks wider than 1.5mmFloor dirty/stainedOther items

    Painting defectsCleaning incompleteBuilders materials not removedSealant missing in areasOther items

    Wall/s not plumbWall/s not straightPlaster defectsOther items

    Ceiling not level in areasCornices cracked in sectionsPlaster defectsOther items

    Floor dirty in areasCarpet not installedCarpet joints not neatCarpet missing inside wardrobesTiles cracked/chippedTiles drummyTiles missing grout/sealantTiles missing expansion jointsOther items

    Shower screen not sealedShower leaksChipped or cracked tilesChipped or cracked bathChipped or cracked basinSealant missing in areasTile Grout missing in areasTowel rail not installed/installed incorrectlyToilet paper holder not installed/installed incorrectlyMirror chipped/crackedOther items

    Cracked mitres/jointsNot mitred at cornersExcessive number of joinsExcessive gaps under skirtingsOther items

    Screws missing to hinge/sStriker plate missingScrews missing to striker plateDoor stopper installedDoor margins not evenDoor rubs onto the frame or floorDoor rattles when closedTop or bottom of door not paintedDoor does not latch when closedLess than 25mm under the doorOther items

    Windows do not operate smoothlyLocks not installedGlass CrackedStickers or writing on windowsOther items

    Clothes rail missing/damagedShelf missing/damagedDrawers stiffDrawer handles missing/loose/not installed levelDoor margins are not evenDoor/s does not operate smoothlyCarpet not installed on the floorOther items

    Chipped or cracked tilesSealant missing in areasTile grout missing in areasTub scratched or dentedOther items

    Sink scratched/dentedAppliance scratched/dented/missing/incorrect typeCupboards need adjustmentSome missing cover buttonsChipped or cracked tilesSealant missing in areasTile grout missing in areasOther items

    No lift off hinges to the door (if door opens inwards)Fan does not work/too noisyToilet leakingToilet paper holder missing/loose/out of levelTiles around toilet pan not neatly cut and grouted/sealedToilet wrong typeOther items

    Insulation not installedDownlight clearances are inadequateSarking torn in areasRangehood/exhaust fans not ducted to outside airFire rated party wall has gaps or penetrations that can allow spread of fire/smokeMan hole cover is missing/damagedOther items

    Lights not working to some areasInsufficient power points installedLight switches or power points are not levelTV antenna not installedPhone point not installedAir conditioning system not installed/not workingElectricity not connectedElectricity meter not installedOther items

    Leaks to plumbing fixturesHot water system overflow discharges onto the groundHot water system not installed/not operationalHot water system dented/scratchedNo outside garden taps installedRain Water tank not installedSewer gully trap has no collar and may allow surface water entryOther items

    Keys (Doors, Windows)Garage door/gate remote/sSecurity CodesInstruction booklets e.g. Cook top, Oven, Range hood, Coffee Maker, Dishwasher,WarrantiesPest Management CertificateGarage door remotes (Should be two of them)Paint Colour Scheme details and spare touch up paintDetails of floor coverings (Manufacturer/Type/Colour/Details)Spare floor and roof tiles/bricks if possibleFinal Inspection Certificate (Form 21) issued by the Building Certifier

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