Myth #1 - You Don’t Need A Building Inspection On A New BuildingMyth #1 – You Don’t Need A Building Inspection On A New Building

Property investors may think that because the building is a new build that an inspection is not needed. That if there is a defect you discover later, it will be covered by warranty and fixed by the builder. Wrong! Only certain major defects will be covered by the Builders Warranty and other minor defects are only covered if requested to be rectified within the first 6 months of the build in Queensland* (this minor defects period varies by state).

Don’t miss out on getting all the defects rectified! Get a Handover Inspection done before it’s too late! Your small outlay for a Handover Inspection now will save you from financial stress in the future. 

Myth #2 – All Handover Inspectors Are Qualified ProfessionalsMyth #2 – All Handover Inspectors Are Qualified Professionals

Just because a business provides Handover Inspections does not mean that the inspector will be a qualified building professional.  Unfortunately for you, there is a legal loop hole that allows other businesses to provide handover inspection services from unqualified, inexperienced layman who work under the company’s builders’ licence! These may be Uber drivers who are trained in a few weeks to provide property investors with a so-called handover service. Beware they do not have the necessary industry knowledge and experience to provide quality reports. Always check that the individual inspector is suitably qualified, licensed, insured and experienced before you pay for anything!

At BuildingPro all our inspectors are qualified, Licensed and insured Building professionals. 

Myth #3 – You Tell The Builder The Defects And They Will Be Fixed!Myth #3 – You Tell The Builder The Defects And They Will Be Fixed!

Unfortunately, many builders will tell you their work is finished when in fact it does not meet industry standard. They do not want to see a Handover Inspector because it means more work and less profit for them.

The builder does not need to rectify defects if they are not identified and formally requested to be rectified within the 6 month period after completion of the build. Some property investors may wrongly assume that they can just give the Handover Inspection report to the builder and the builder will immediately proceed with rectifying the defects. Wrong! Some builders will do the right thing but many will either ignore the report or deny that the defects need rectifying. This situation can be emotionally stressful and time consuming for the property investor to insist that the defects be rectified as they should.

Ultimately Property Investors Need To Be Aware Of Unscrupulous Operators!

We recognise that property investors need to be careful – there are too many stories of unethical practices by real estate agents, property managers, mortgage brokers, financial planners etc who are interested only in the money they can make out of you; they are self-serving and not acting in the best interest of the unsuspecting property investor. In short, too many property investors are being ripped off by unscrupulous operators!

Property Investors Need Advisors They Can Trust

BuildingPro helps keep the others honest! We step in at the Completion Stage to ensure the new buildings are built well and to industry standards. We are totally objective and trusted to provide quality reports that ultimately ensure your property is a sound investment. We have over 18,000 happy customers! Our survey of all past clients shows a 97.86% customer satisfaction rate. See some of our testimonials for BuildingPro Handover Reports by clicking here.

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