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Handover Inspection Builders & Property DevelopersTime is money. Getting the job finished on time and to an acceptable standard is an important factor in the financial success of any development project.

We have assisted many builders struggling to prepare their defect list with limited staff. We assist by bringing in our professional team to provide detailed reports that set a fair and acceptable standard of workmanship.

This timely supply of objective reports enables builders to get defects rectified by subcontractors more quickly and effectively. We proactively liaise with the subcontractors and follow up with re-inspections to check the defects are rectified to the industry standard.

Property Developers can ensure builders are achieving required level of finish and helping with timely completion of the project. We have worked for a number of developers including Stockland and Leighton Holdings.

Using BuildingPro to independently verify quality is of great reassurance to your clients and enhances your reputation. For a relevant success story please click here.


For more information about our Handover Inspections service, please download our Handover Report for Builders & Property Developers (PDF).

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