Buy Commercial Real Estate with Confidence: Trust BuildingPro for Your Commercial Building Inspections in Brisbane

If you are considering the purchase of a commercial property—either as a real estate investment or as the new place for your business—you need to be sure that the property is worth buying. Sometimes, a piece of real estate can look perfectly fine both inside and out to an untrained eye, but for an experienced professional building inspector, many issues can be seen. From structural problems to poor roofing problems, it’s hard to know the full extent of a building’s condition before buying.

That’s where BuildingPro comes into the equation. We do commercial building inspections in Brisbane, to help you learn about the things that you can’t see with your naked eye. Our goal is to deliver one of two outcomes for you: either we will give your building a ‘clean bill of health’ and give you the peace of mind necessary to go through with the purchase, or we will identify building issues that might cause pause in your purchase and enable you to further negotiate.

Often, when we discover building defects, deferred maintenance or other issues with properties, it gives our clients the leverage they need to negotiate for lower prices and other benefits. If the building is in poor enough shape, you might also just choose to walk away from the transaction. Either way, Building Pro’s commercial building inspections will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Our Commercial Building Inspection Process

BuildingPro is not new to the art of commercial building inspections. On the contrary, we have been inspecting commercial buildings in Australia for around 30 years including Brisbane for more than 15 years. In that time, we have built both a proven process and a reputation for professional reporting. In fact, we are one of Queensland’s most awarded building consultants, frequently contending for top industry honours and prizes. We are called upon by the media for expert advice and we are well regarded in the industry.

The quality of our service comes from both the competence of our team and the high-tech nature of the tools we use. At every turn, we harness the latest technology to deliver results for our clients. From a sophisticated thermal imaging camera that helps us spot heat transfer issues and termite infestations to a moisture meter that quickly detects dampness, mould and leaks, our tools help us further investigate and see things that the naked eye simply cannot.

Our team also provides professional termite inspections. If you are inspecting a building that you haven’t bought yet and you are worried that termites might be active in the walls, it’s important to have an experienced termite inspector check to make sure. The problem is that the most thorough termite inspections usually involve putting holes in walls—something that the building’s current owner probably doesn’t want you to do. With the Termatrac T3i device, BuildingPro can detect termites without doing any damage to the property—suitable for pre-purchase pest inspections.

Learn More about Our Commercial Building Inspections in Brisbane

Buying a commercial building is a significant investment. Make sure you have peace of mind. For a thorough commercial building inspection in Brisbane, call BuildingPro today. We can perform a thorough inspection of your building and let you know if any issues should cause you to reconsider a purchase. To schedule your inspection, give us a call on (07) 3311 2273.

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