More Than Just a Commercial Handover: Brisbane’s BuildingPro Handles Communications with Your Building Team

You are in the process of building a brand new commercial building—either as an investment property or as the new location for your business. You invested in a design that matches your needs and preferred specifications and hired a building team that you trust to bring that design to fruition. Now, as the project nears completion, you are ready for the last steps: commercial handover, final defect fixes, and settlement.

The Benefits and Hassles of Commercial Handovers

By all accounts, commercial handovers should be standard for new builds. A handover inspection can help you spot defects or errors in the construction work on your building. Even if you trust a builder, it is a good idea to hire a qualified professional to go through the building and look for issues in an objective way. Simply put, you never know where you are going to spot substandard workmanship in a new build.

You also never know how amenable your building team will be to be to fix the defects identified in your commercial handover report. Construction companies plan and execute projects based on deadlines for completion of work. They may not build in time to go back in and fix problems with their work. As a result, if your handover inspector spots instances of shoddy construction, you could end up in an uncomfortable situation where you are requesting additional work from a reluctant or unwilling builder.

BuildingPro: Simplifying Your Commercial Handovers in Brisbane

If you need a commercial handover in Brisbane and want someone who is going to go the extra mile to help you, choose BuildingPro. Where some handover inspectors will just give you a report outlining the defects they find in your building, we help with the next steps as well. We know that negotiating with builders and requesting extra work can be difficult. After all, additional work for construction teams equals unplanned work, which means unplanned expenses and time. Some builders may try to tell you that fixes or tweaks weren’t part of the deal outlined in your contract with them.

Here’s the thing, though: it is the builder’s responsibility to deliver work that lives up to industry standards and specifications. Work that fails to live up to the terms laid out in the contract—or that does not comply with relevant codes and standards—is not a satisfactory fulfillment of the contract. As a result, building owners always have the right to request that the builders fix any defects if those requests are made formally within six months of project completion.

At BuildingPro, not only do we know where to look in new builds to find defects, but we are also familiar with what your rights are as a building owner. To make sure your rights are protected if requested, we will negotiate with your builder on your behalf. We will formally submit a list of defects as well as a request that they are fixed promptly. If there is pushback from the builder, we will communicate with the builder on your behalf if requested. Finally, once the builder has gone back in and addressed the issues, we will do a follow-up inspection if requested, to make sure the defects have been adequately addressed.

Remember that as the building owner you are also the customer. If you feel that your builder has not lived up to their side of the bargain, it is your right to ask for rectification of defects. BuildingPro can help, and it all starts with a commercial handover in Brisbane. Call us on (07) 3311 2273 to learn more.

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