Handover Inspection Checklist for Brisbane Property Sales

Do you know everything that should be checked before your property gets handed over from the builder to you? A handover inspection checklist by Brisbane’s BuildingPro is a handy tool when preparing for your pre-settlement inspection. Click here to use the handover inspection checklist now: http://bit.ly/2rnExHn Unless you happen to be a builder yourself, it’s unlikely that you have taken apart the building process and know what to look for during the inspection. Once a buyer assesses that a building is ready, they don’t pick apart its individual elements. Sometimes major building defects go unnoticed until it’s too late. The handover inspection checklist for Brisbane homes brings every aspect of a building to your attention.

When buying a property, people are most interested in its visual appearance only. The other aspects of the building are not noticed. You’ll never miss an obvious building defect with our handover inspection checklist. Brisbane residents can get peace of mind by using the DIY FREE online tool here. Afterwards you may elect to call on BuildingPro as your prefered pre-settlement handover inspector. BuildingPro are friendly, highly qualified, experienced, award-winning, and expedient. An assessment today puts a full report in your inbox tomorrow. BuildingPro work to make it easy for you. Book and pay online. Schedule a time when you can be present, or authorize BuildingPro to perform the assessment in your absence. BuildingPro will be sure to carefully check every point included in their handover inspection checklist regarding Brisbane properties. If BuildingPro find a problem, they will alert you and the responsible party for repairs to be made. If requested, BuildingPro will facilitate the repairs then reassess the property to ensure it’s ready for your use.

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