No-Doubt Handover Inspections for Brisbane Business

You’re finally turning those dreams into reality and opening your own business. It’s been quite the experience. You’ve figured out licensing, secured financial channels, and even established production of your inventory. Your first shipment should arrive soon; there’s just one problem: where are you going to put it? The last location prospect fell through right before close. Now you’re scrambling. You’ve had your eye on a partly completed storefront for sale. The location is promising but the partially completed building has been on the market for some time. You decide to purchase the property on the condition that the seller’s builder finishes the build. Still, you’re not sure if you can trust the builder to finish the build to comply with the industry standards. You decide you need to get it checked by a commercial building inspector who has the right experience, qualifications and knowledge to assist with the handover from the builder to you. BuildingPro offers peace of mind with their handover inspections in Brisbane.

BuildingPro makes sure that you get a quality build with their thorough handover inspections for Brisbane properties.This pre-settlement inspection checks the building from top to bottom to ensure that the structure you’re interested in investing in is built to code. Unlike other handover inspection services in Brisbane, BuildingPro’s inspectors are experienced, qualified and licensed building consultants and architects. BuildingPro’s Andrew Mackie-Smith has over 25 years in the building industry and has been a licensed inspector since 1991. He has sat on committees that reviewed current building standards. BuildingPro uses the latest technology including thermal cameras, borer-scopes, and moisture meters for their non-invasive handover inspections. Brisbane property owners benefit from speedy reports that help you make decisions in a timely manner. Reports arrive in your inbox the next day. BuildingPro makes scheduling, paying for, and receiving your reports easy with online access for their handover inspections around Brisbane. You are welcome to use BuildingPro’s free handover checklist now by clicking here.

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