Secure your Handovers in Brisbane

Pre-settlement (handover) inspections are a good idea in today’s market. Increasingly, inspections for building handovers in Brisbane streamline the handover of the property. BuildingPro offers inspections for handovers to Brisbane homes and commercial premises. BuildingPro stands out from its competitors because it only has professionally qualified building consultants and architects carry out the handovers in Brisbane. Andrew Mackie-Smith of BuildingPro has been licensed as a building inspector since 1991. His passion and know-how in the industry have been used to review current building standards. When thinking of who to trust for advice on your new building call on BuildingPro for a thorough inspection before the handover of any Brisbane property. Handover inspections performed in Brisbane include a detailed assessment of the property for defects to make sure that it is compliant with current building codes.

BuildingPro’s online office makes it easy. Book and pay in minutes. Get your digital report within 48 hours. Know exactly what you’re dealing with before the builder hands over the property to you. Our award-winning staff works with you to set your mind at ease. We’re flexible and available on short notice for inspections for handovers in Brisbane. BuildingPro consultants will comb over your structure top-to-bottom to ensure it is properly built. If the BuildingPro consultant finds a problem, he will alert you and the builder. BuildingPro don’t leave you hanging assuming you know what to do next Upon your request, BuildingPro can facilitate the builder’s repairs, so you don’t have to. Then, they will inspect the property again to ensure that the repairs have been done correctly and the building complies with the building code. You can use the free online handover checklist now by clicking here.

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