Partner with BuildingPro for New Build Handover Inspections

You are the project manager for a construction company that is currently working multiple sites around Brisbane. Some are commercial, some domestic. Your construction company would benefit from a new build handover inspection specialist from BuildingPro. Their free online handover checklist provides a list of some of the points that will be covered in your official inspection. You can start using it now by clicking here. It covers both the interior and exterior, itemizing points that are often overlooked or handled by a third party. Know that your building is built to code and to reasonable building standards before you handover to a buyer or occupant. Partnering with BuildingPro, headed by an experienced builder and building inspector licensed since 1991, connects you with the same expertise that reviewed the building codes currently in effect. With over 25 years’ experience in building and inspections, BuildingPro is your choice for new build handover inspections.

BuildingPro’s online office makes it easy to book, pay, and receive your official reports. They are friendly and expedient. They will come out while you’re on-site, or you can give them authorization to do the assessment outside of your working hours. Use BuildingPro’s free DIY online handover inspection checklist to catch problems early before repairs are harder and costly. BuildingPro’s new build handover inspection service provides a comprehensive assessment of your adherence to current building codes. If there are changes that need to be made, BuildingPro will let you know with suggestions on how to address the issues. Once problems have been resolved, call on BuildingPro for a reassessment to ensure that your new build is ready for handover to the occupant.

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