New Build Inspection for Brisbane Buyers

Isn’t it amazing how quickly a building can be completed these days? It seems just yesterday that the lot across town which sat vacant for years was finally bought. Now the building is finished and up for sale. It looks like they did a good job and the location is ideal for your budding business. However, you want to be sure of the construction quality before making an investment. You don’t want to get stuck continually repairing a brand-new building, or suffering liability losses due to customer injury. You need a new build inspection. Brisbane’s best building inspectors come from BuildingPro. Get started early with their free online handover checklist. Click here to use it now. This checklist allows you to look over the property from an inspector’s standpoint helping you decide if moving forward is in your best interest.

With BuildingPro, a new build inspection for the Brisbane property is made easy. Book and pay online. BuildingPro will come out, assess, then send the report back to your inbox the next day. You don’t have to be there if scheduling doesn’t allow it. If BuildingPro inspectors find defects, they will contact the builders to notify them of the defects. Upon your request, BuildingPro will facilitate repairs with the builders and then reassess the building before handover. BuildingPro utilises the latest technology including moisture meters and thermal cameras for their thorough top-to-bottom inspections. They will check the exterior, the interior, and all the areas builders and buyers often overlook. Be assured of your business’ potential with a new build inspection from Brisbane’s BuildingPro.

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