What Is a Building Handover? (And Who to Trust for New Building Inspections in North Lakes)

If you have collaborated with a construction company to build a new home or business headquarters, then a term you will often hear as the project nears completion is ‘building handover.’ However, what is a building handover, and what should you expect from this step of the process? Read on to find out more.

The Basics of Building Handovers

The building handover is one of the most important days of any construction project—if not the most important. A handover occurs once the construction team or development company have dubbed their work on your construction project ‘complete.’ The contract administrator will confirm that the property has been developed and built in such a way that meets the terms of the original building contract. With this confirmation in place, the development team is ready to ‘hand over’ the construction site to you, the client.

Before you finalise the building handover on your construction project, remember that this is your last chance to spot defects or unfinished work in your building. At BuildingPro Consultants, we provide new building inspections in North Lakes to make sure you don’t miss anything in the excitement that building handover day creates.

How New Building Inspections in North Lakes Work

So what should you expect if you hire BuildingPro to prepare a building inspection report before your handover in North Lakes? At BuildingPro, our team of inspectors is made up of construction industry professionals, including experienced building consultants and architects. Essentially, our job is to serve as your advocate during the handover process. We will inspect your property thoroughly to ensure that the terms of the contract have indeed been satisfied. We will also look for common building defects and mark them down, with the goal of making sure they are addressed by the construction team before you finalise the handover.

Our building inspectors in North Lakes will conduct thorough investigations of both the interior and exterior of the property. You can click here to see the building inspection checklist that we usually use for pre-handover inspection work. As you will see, comprehensive detail is the name of the game for our team. If there are paint defects, we will spot them. If there are any flaws with the roofing, we will notice it. If the window installation is poor, we will make a note of that fact. If there are levelling problems with the floor or ceiling, we will find out.

Ultimately, our building inspection reports in North Lakes will tell you everything you need to know about your property to be confident about going forward with the handover. When you purchase a brand-new home or commercial building, you should be able to do so with confidence that the construction team has fulfilled all contractual terms and done everything possible to give the project a perfectionist’s sheen. With the help of BuildingPro, you can know for sure that you are getting something that’s perfect—or, at least, something close to it.

Do you need a building inspector in North Lakes? Call BuildingPro Consultants on (07) 3311 2273 to schedule a walkthrough today.

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