Assess Construction Work with a New Unit Inspector

You finally got a call from the construction company. After more than a month of delay, your flats are ready at long last. You are eager to get them on the market. The construction company has offered to inspect and sign off on building codes, but you want an independent new unit inspector to come and evaluate their work. A new unit inspector from BuildingPro isn’t tied to the construction company, so they wouldn’t be incentivised to give a biased report. When you need an honest, expedient, highly qualified and recommended new unit inspector, BuildingPro is your source.

For over 25 years, Andrew Mackie-Smith, principal building consultant at BuildingPro, has lent his building expertise to builders, sellers and buyers, Trust BuildingPro to know their trade as Andrew has sat on the committees that review current building codes. BuildingPro utilises the latest technology while performing their assessments. For example, moisture meters and thermal cameras allow them to assess parts of the building invisible to the naked eye. Book online for a professional new unit inspector. BuildingPro will assess the property at your convenience. They are friendly and flexible and strive to exceed your expectations. If they find any defects, they will notify you of any significant issues over the phone if you are not onsite. If you would prefer, BuildingPro can facilitate the rectification of defects by notifying the builders. Upon their completion, BuildingPro will reassess the structure ensuring that it is ready for you to sell.

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