Pre-Purchase Checklist Helps Brisbane Business Owner

You’re a creative type. You started a kid’s art studio out of your home a few years ago. It’s become more popular than you had ever envisioned, so you’ve decided to invest in the old free-standing art studio that’s gone up for sale near your home. You read in the paper last night about a small business storefront that caught fire due to faulty electrical wiring. People were hurt and the business is not likely to survive. Further reading illuminates that the owner had not protected themselves by using a pre-purchase checklist available for free from BuildingPro’s website. See the checklist by clicking here. Nor had the owner obtained a pre-purchase inspection report before purchasing the lot.

Blind with excitement you have spent all your energy on extra marketing, broadening your supplies and programs, and fielding new enrolment. You’ve not given a thought to the studio itself. Now you’re have paused. What is this pre-purchase checklist the Brisbane paper mentioned? The free pre-purchase online checklist itemizes each point of inspection. BuildingPro offers a free, DIY comprehensive, pre-purchase checklist for Brisbane buyers. Click here to use it now. Use this list to go over your potential property for signs of defects. Then, when you hire a licensed building inspector from BuildingPro, They will come and do a thorough assessment of the property sending you a report to your inbox the next day. If there are any problems, BuildingPro will notify you of significant defects and even talk you through the issues over the phone or onsite.

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