Why Pre Settlement Inspections in Brisbane are Necessary

Are you looking for someone to do a pre-settlement inspection in Brisbane on a property you have recently had built? Maybe you’re not sure if you want to have one done and you might wonder why this is a good idea. There are distinct advantages to having your property inspected before it is handed over to you. This stage is often referred to as “handover”.

One of the most important reasons to conduct a pre-settlement inspection in Brisbane would be so you are aware of any defects that need to be rectified by the builder before settlement. You don’t want to get to the final walk through at handover time and find there are issues that will hold up the tenancy and therefore cause you to lose money if you are planning to rent out the property. If you’re aware of the defects in advance, it will give you time prior to settlement to have them rectified.

Contact BuildingPro for all your pre-settlement inspections. BuildingPro can provide same day reports on urgent matters, and standard reports are usually delivered within 24 hours. Unlike other Building inspection businesses, BuildingPro’s pre-settlement inspectors are experienced, fully licensed and insured building consultants and architects. They are highly qualified to identify the relevant defects and determine if the buildings are built to code. Andrew Mackie-Smith, the principal consultant is an award-winning inspector who has conducted over 12,500 building inspections on residential homes and large-scale commercial properties. He and his team of professionals provide prompt, courteous, professional service and they look forward to helping you with your inspection needs.

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