inndox: Your secure platform for building reports

inndox – a new way to manage your building reports developed by BuildingPro

BuildingPro has developed a new secure platform to help property owners manage their valuable property information.

With inndox you can add more property files (like receipts, quotes, insurance policies, financials, depreciation records, leases etc), add to your handy contact list (for trades, advisors, agents etc), add warranty expiry alerts for your appliances to the relevant manuals,  share your files with others (like your Solicitor or Accountant) and transfer the files to the next owner. Rest assured that we will never share your data with anyone else as we have a strict privacy policy.

If you purchased a brand new property, we recommend that you get an electronic version of the handover files (plans, manuals, specifications, approvals etc) from the Builder and add them to your inndox account.  That way you will always have your property files easily accessible from any device.

After your BuildingPro inspection report is compiled, we save it to your inndox account and an email notification is sent from inndox that your report is ready to be accessed. It takes just a minute to set up a password and access your report.

Please take the time to read the report carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

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