Termite season is here!

The weather is warming up and with it comes termite season! Yes, they are on the move! So now is the time to check your property and be on the lookout for the telltale signs of termite activity.

Signs include timber damage, blistering paint, strange marks, faulty electrics and spots of mud protruding from walls. Property owners should remove tree stumps and eliminate sources of water such as dripping taps and leaks in the home – all of which can attract termites.

In this video, BuildingPro’s Andrew Mackie-Smith finds termite damage during a Timber Pest Inspection of a ‘Queenslander’ in Brisbane.

Let the experts give you peace of mind

In preparation for termite season, BuildingPro has introduced an Annual Termite Inspection service – your best defense against costly termite damage.

Book an Annual Termite Inspection today and we’ll send one of our experienced pest consultants to provide a comprehensive inspection of your property. If we find termites and a treatment is needed, we’ll provide a free quote onsite.

Just do it! Book your Annual Termite Inspection today!

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