Code of Conduct

As a member of Master Builders, we have adopted their Code of Conduct. Master Builders and its members commit to:

  • Apply fair treatment, courtesy, reasonable and honest conduct in the efficient operation of our business
  • Service and promote the interests of the building and construction industry
  • Support research designed to advance the professional image of the industry through innovation, the application of new techniques, methods and products
  • Participate in the furthering of favourable relations with all public authorities concerned with the administration of building and construction
  • Build strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services and related industry associations
  • Support training and development initiatives that strive to maintain a high standard of workmanship
  • Encourage professional development for all stakeholders that constantly seeks to lift the standards and improve practical and administrative skills in the industry
  • Participate in a meeting with the Disciplinary Committee appointed by the Executive and accept the outcomes and be bound by any resolution determined by the Disciplinary Committee
  • Encourage the friendly exchange of technical information and practical knowledge between members
  • Conduct all business activities in a professional and ethical manner

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