Case Study: How Builders Can Benefit

BuildingPro was asked to conduct a Handover inspection on a newly built extension to an established multi-million dollar house. The owner was of the opinion that the builder had not completed the project to an adequate standard. The builder was of the opinion that the owner’s concerns were frivolous.

Our inspector identified very minor imperfections that were overall of an acceptable standard under the published tolerances and standards. The inspector was able to reassure the owner that while the work was not perfect, it was overall to an acceptable standard and that there were only a few minor defects that were below standard. The builder was willing to rectify those minor defects that were below standard.

Both parties were relieved that there was an end to the stalemate and the project was able to be completed.

This case study illustrates how a handover inspection can assist to mediate between the builder and the owner.

We recommend that builders utilise this handover service so that the owner is:

  1. Reassured of the quality of the work;
  2. The builder’s reputation for quality is preserved;
  3. Works are completed in a timely manner;
  4. Subcontractors are given clear instructions to rectify defects before moving to the next job; and
  5. Both owner and builder have the same expectation of quality.

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