Case Study: Hail Damage on Roof

During a Handover inspection on a brand new three storey townhouse, a BuildingPro  inspector saw out of the window on the top floor, a section of roof that was covering the rear patio, many small dents all over its surface.

Initially the inspector thought that this was caused by the painter carelessly walking on the

wrong parts of the roof causing damage. However, upon closer inspection, small dents were visible all over the roof and on the air conditioning unit as well. It had all the signs of hail damage.

The inspector informed the selling agent (who provided the access) about the possible hail damage. The selling agent then confirmed that the building had in fact sustained hail damage and that the roof was going to be replaced under the Body Corporate Insurance.

Our Property Investor client was immediately notified of the hail damage to the property identified by our inspector. This had not been previously disclosed to our client by the seller.

The inspector recommended that the client instruct their Solicitor (handling their conveyancing) to make the necessary enquiries of the seller to verify that the roof replacement was indeed an insurance claim.

The successful outcome for our property investor client was that the seller fully disclosed the hail damage event and the insurance claim was undertaken without causing our client undue delay or expense.

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