Residential Handover InspectionWhen buying a brand new property everything should be perfect right?

At BuildingPro, we have inspected many thousands of brand new properties and most have had defects that required rectification by the builder prior to the owner or tenant residing in them.

When you buy a brand new property, it is wise to make sure that it has been built to the required industry standards. We can assist with this by conducting a Handover Inspection for you whereby we inspect the property and provide you with a detailed report to ensure that the building is to an acceptable standard at Settlement or at time of handover.

The report can then be emailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection. The report will include digital photos and a detailed description of the type and location of any defects identified. The report may also be forwarded to your solicitor/conveyancer with a request to rectify any issues identified.

The professional and objective report provided by BuildingPro will ensure that you make informed and confident decisions about your property.

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For more information about our Handover Inspections service, please download our Handover Report for Residential Home Builders (PDF).

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