Case Study: Commercial Building Inspection in Rocklea

Client had an existing commercial tenancy in Brisbane but was looking for more space to expand their business. An opportunity arose to purchase a vacant Factory on Ipswich road, Rocklea. The building had approximately 3000m2 of Open space and over 300m2 of office space it also had a large hardstand area to suit the purpose of the client’s business.

The client’s Solicitor handling the conveyancing recommended a Due Diligence clause in the contract that allowed for Building Inspection.

Buildingpro were contacted and once we discussed the needs of the client we advised them in writing of our recommended scope, agreement and fixed price quote of a suitable Building Inspection within one hour of receiving the initial contact.

Client contact obtained approval from management to proceed with the inspection and Buildingpro contacted the Commercial Real estate agent to arrange access to the property.

The inspection was carried out within 3 days of acceptance of our quote.

Time onsite was approximately 7 hours.  They had pre-arranged for us to call when we were half an hour away from completing the inspection so that he could attend the inspection and receive a verbal summary of the report findings.  We always encourage a client to attend the inspection wherever possible so that they gain a greater understanding of the report findings and the property in general.

Amongst other findings, there was significant cracking to sections of concrete block load bearing walls and retaining walls.  NB Buildingpro were able to advise the client of the existence of significant rotation to a 2m high concrete block retaining wall on the neighbouring Commercial property as we had inspected the neighbouring property only 3 months earlier.

On our advice the client engaged a Structural Engineer and he was able to provide an onsite verbal report and written report on areas of concern raised in our report.

Satisfied that the risk associated with the cracking and overall condition of the property was acceptable to their requirements the client proceeded with the purchase.

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