Commercial Property Investors: Invest More Wisely with Commercial Handover Inspections in Brisbane

A good commercial property investor never works alone. Your intuition might be reliable most of the time, but without the advice and assistance of consultants and colleagues, you could end up missing deal-breaking details. Getting a look at different perspectives before you buy a property can help you consider all the angles and make an educated buying decision.

Therein lies the importance of conducting a commercial handover inspection every time you consider investing in a new commercial building. One of the biggest mistakes that green property investors make is assuming that their due diligence is different for new properties than it is for older buildings. All types of properties can have big defects, and those big defects can turn what seems like an attractive deal and turn it into an ill-advised investment.

BuildingPro: Your Consultant for New Build Properties

How can you spot building issues before they ensnare you in a financial nightmare? By connecting with the right partner, of course. At BuildingPro, we have been performing commercial handover inspections in Australia for 30 years and Brisbane for the past 15 years. We are happy and eager to serve as your consultant on potential real estate investments in the commercial market. Whether you have commissioned a new build or are negotiating with a property manager or another investor to buy into a project, we can help you analyse the investment and make a smart business decision.

There are many different types of consultants you can work with to help you through the real estate investment process. Some of these consultants will focus on the finance side of the equation. Others will help you understand contracts and other legal elements. Our job is to consult with you on the most fundamental element of the whole game: the condition of the property itself.

From location to target demographic to market status, so many different factors can affect whether a piece of real estate is a good investment or a bad one. Ultimately, though, the building itself is the most important part of the equation. If the building has poor construction, doesn’t meet government codes and standards, has a pest problem, or exhibits any other major defects, those things are going to compromise its value and market potential. All those issues are things that you can fix, but fixing them with your own money is expensive and often not worth the extra investment. This statement is particularly the case for new builds, which should be of high quality as real estate comes.

All these factors explain why commercial handover inspections are part of the purchase process for new builds. While brand new buildings should be of perfect quality, you can never count on them to be—especially if you haven’t been involved in the design and planning process. The last thing you want is to be hoodwinked into buying a building that was cheaply built.

At BuildingPro, our commercial handover inspections in Brisbane will help you identify building defects, code compliance issues, shoddy construction work, infestations, and other problems that might preclude a real estate investment. If you hired a team to build the property, we can communicate with them, formally submitting a list of defects. If you are being courted by a mortgage broker or property developer, these details might be the catalyst to step away from a potential investment. Either way, BuildingPro gives you the information and expert advice you need to avoid bad deals or help you turn them into good deals.

Call BuildingPro for a Commercial Handover Inspection in Brisbane

Are you looking at investing in a new commercial building project? To protect your money and yourself, call BuildingPro for a thorough commercial handover inspection. You can reach us on (07) 3311 2273 to make the necessary arrangements.

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