Merry Christmas 2017

With Christmas only weeks away and the end of year just around the corner, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued customers for another amazing year and provide a quick update before the silly season takes hold! 

Following the successful launch of Andrew’s book Building Success: Why property investors need building inspections, he has been asked to speak at many events, podcasts and on radio over the past year.

Some of the highlights include three interviews on the Smart Property Investment podcast and guest speaker at the Rapid Solutions Conference talking about “How to spot those hard-to-see Defects”. During that event, he met the famous author of Body Language books Alan Pease!

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Officially Queensland’s Best

On 29th September, we attended the Master Builders Housing and Construction awards at Brisbane City Hall where Andrew Mackie-Smith was awarded Queensland’s Building Consultant of the Year 2017!

It was a lavish gala event celebrating 30 years of Master Builders in Queensland as well as the achievements of many businesses and individuals from the building industry. We felt very privileged and honoured to be among those to receive recognition.

Andrew and the BuildingPro team have dedicated the last 15 years to providing exceptional service to all our customers. We appreciate the support we receive from colleagues, referrers, customers, family and friends as this is what keeps us striving to be the best.

Check out Andrew being interviewed after receiving the award:

Exciting New Project

We’re also pleased to announce we have been developing an exciting new online platform, with the support of Advance QLD, to benefit our customers! Inndox will be launched in March next year and will provide property owners with a better way of managing their property documents and reports.

So watch this space! We may even ask for your feedback to ensure inndox is easy to use and meets the needs of property owners. For more information on inndox, “Like” the Facebook Page for all the latest updates.

BuildingPro Tip

To end, we leave you with a Pro Tip quote from “Building Success” (page 173).

“Inspectors aren’t dumb. When selling a property that has had termite damage in the past, the timber pest inspector will probably find it. Even if you do your best to cover it all up, they will find it and this could cost you the sale. You should disclose the history of any timber pest damage to the real estate agent at the time of listing the property. Provide the agent with a detailed history of the dates, location and extent of any damage. Provide them with copies of paperwork for treatment certificates, repair receipts and timber pest reports, A seasoned agent should have minimal fuss selling a property with past termite damage, but if damage is found at the inspection that the seller knew of but didn’t disclose, then this undermines the buyer’s trust and will often lead to the Contract of Sale being cancelled or a significant price reduction being requested.”

This Pro Tip ties in with our mission to ensure transparency when buying and selling property.

If you have any concerns about your property, please call us on (07) 3311 2273 for more information.

Merry Christmas

From all of us at BuildingPro, we wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and a successful 2018!

Merry Christmas!

Andrew & Trish Mackie-Smith

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