When You Need a Practical Completion Inspection

A practical completion inspection is an exciting time for someone getting ready to move into their new home. Seeing your newly built home finished and ready for occupancy is exhilarating, but don’t let the excitement cloud your judgement. Have your practical completion inspection completed by a trusted professional with a proven track record so you don’t end up missing items that should be corrected before handover.

The practical completion inspection is one of the most important inspections you’ll have performed on your new home. It’s a chance to identify all building defects and have them rectified by the builder before you finalise the handover. During this inspection, the home will be examined room by room checking to make sure that everything has been built to code. Anything that requires attention will be noted, and the builder is required to fix these defects as soon as possible. Upon completion of repairs, at your request, a second inspection will be completed to ensure that all the defects have been satisfactorily repaired.

Unfortunately, many people believe a practical completion inspection isn’t necessary for new construction and that any defects found will be covered under warranty by the builder. This simply isn’t true. Any minor building defects are only covered if reported in the first six months. If anything comes up after that time, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to fix it. Don’t be the victim of an unscrupulous operator. Cover yourself and your investment by having your new home inspected by an experienced professional. You can schedule your practical completion inspection by calling BuildingPro, or by filling out the form on BuildingPro’s website.

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