Buy Your New Home with Confidence: Call BuildingPro for Pre-Purchase, Pre-Settlement House Inspections in Brisbane or Ripley

As of 2015, the median house price in Australia was around $660,000. Obviously, that median price is skewed somewhat by the prices of homes in the most expensive areas of the country. The median home price in the Brisbane area is a good deal lower, sitting at $475,000. (That price is exceptionally low compared to the median in the Sydney area, which is just shy of $930,000.) Prices also fluctuate considerably depending on the size, age, features and amenities of the home, as well as its proximity to popular areas.

Still, the fact remains that buying a home is one of the biggest investments that any person or family in Australia will ever make. Being as sure as possible that you are making a wise investment, then, is a must if you are considering a home purchase. At BuildingPro Consultants, we offer pre-purchase house inspections in Ripley and throughout the Brisbane area to help guarantee a sound house investment.

How Our Pre-Settlement Inspections in Brisbane Work

Whether you are buying a home from a previous owner or investing in a newly constructed residential property, pre-purchase house inspections in Brisbane are always a must. If you are buying from a previous owner, you need a professional to check for damage that might have occurred over the years. Even the most well taken care of homes can have issues with their roofs or foundations. They can have signs of water damage or pest infestations. They can have windows that have shifted slightly and become draughty. It is an inspector’s job to highlight these potential defects.

Most prospective homebuyers understand the importance of an inspection in a case where they are purchasing an older home from a previous buyer. Quite often, though, buyers will skip the inspection if they are buying a new home directly from the builder or development company. After all, the home is brand new: what could be wrong with it? Sometimes, though, builders will leave projects with defects—whether by accident or as a scheme to save money. An inspector can identify these problems—from cheaply built or poorly installed components to basic paint defects—and outline them so that you can get them fixed before you finalise the building handover.

Making Your Final Purchasing Decision

At BuildingPro, our goal with our pre-settlement inspections in Ripley isn’t to scare you out of ever buying a house. On the contrary, we want to make sure that the home buying process is as positive for you as it can be. It’s with this goal in mind that we approach every inspection. We want to give you valuable information about defects or problems now so that you don’t discover those issues—and pay handsomely to get them fixed—once the property is yours. Knowing this information before you buy can help you negotiate a lower price for the property or encourage the seller to fix the issues. Otherwise, it can give you the awareness to walk away and find a property that better suits your needs.

Are you interested in hiring BuildingPro’s Consultants for a pre-settlement inspection in Brisbane or Ripley? Call us today on (07) 3311 2273.

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